A Serious Warning

The seeds for the next financial collapse have already been planted.

So if your retirement portfolio can’t afford another hit like 2001 or 2008…

and you’ve been searching for more yield in all the wrong places…

Then This May Be the Most Important Letter You’ll Read This Year

Dennis Miller is a former US Marine, a husband, father, and grandfather. Until his retirement in 2008, he worked as a successful business owner and marketing consultant with Fortune 100 clients. During the decades of his professional life, he built a comfortable retirement nest egg for himself and his wife. Life was good — or so he thought.

Then the financial crisis hit in 2008. He saw the lives of friends, neighbors, and millions of other retirees devastated. Dennis realized that the financial industry had written off savers and income investors. So he put his retirement on hold and began to apply his considerable business skills to studying finance and investing. His search for the perfect low-risk, high-yield investment strategy paid off when he teamed up with the renowned professionals at Casey Research to create a new, one-of-a-kind advisory newsletter, Miller's Money Forever.

Today, Dennis shares the lessons he's learned and guides investors like you in making the best investment choices for a worry-free retirement.

Dear Seniors, Savers, and Conservative Income Investors,

In exchange for 5 minutes of your time, I’d like to tell you about a sensible strategy to protect your hard-earned nest egg, no matter what worst-case scenario comes to pass.

But first, let me say right up front… I've read many letters over the years. Letters promoting this or that investment newsletter or advisory service. Frankly, most of them were a waste of my time. So folks, believe me, I have no intention of wasting your time!

Instead, I want to save you time and a lot of grief… by showing you a way to build a stable retirement portfolio, with a steady income stream that lasts as long as you do, and beyond.

A portfolio that will help you survive financial upheavals with your assets not only intact, but also growing.

A portfolio you can count on to perform as you expect it to.

Right now you’re probably saying to yourself, "Hmmm, this could be just what I'm looking for. But who is this guy? And why should I listen to him?"

Fair enough? OK. Let me introduce myself.

I'm Dennis Miller, editor of Miller's Money Forever, the one-of-a-kind advisory newsletter that focuses on the financial needs and retirement goals of folks like me.

I'm known by my readers as "the advocate for seniors, savers, and income investors." That's a title I appreciate. Because I am one of you. Part of the sunset-side-of-60 group.

Six years ago, I retired. I had worked hard all my life, paid my taxes, saved my money, raised some terrific kids — and planned on spending the next 20 or 30 years enjoying life, traveling with my wife, and puttering with my old car collection.

Life was good, or so I thought, until —

The Double Whammy of 2008 Struck

Conservative income investors, seniors, and savers were walloped with a couple of swift uppercuts when the economy and markets collapsed in 2008.

In a matter of months, I saw family members, friends and neighbors down the street caught up in a vicious cycle of fear and anxiety.

A Sample from

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"At Casey Research, we currently recommend holding one-third of your assets in precious metals, one-third in other investments, and one-third in cash. With that kind of diversification, you won't find yourself fully invested in the stock market when the next crash happens. That one-third cash allocation will give you plenty of power for bargain shopping in the aftermath of the next crisis."

Here's a preview of the Table of Contents from THE CASH BOOK.

Chapter 1 Cash Is King

Chapter 2 Insured Bank Deposits

Chapter 3 Bank and Credit Union Safety

Chapter 4 The Basics of Brokerage Safety

Chapter 5 Money Market Funds

Chapter 6 Ultra-Short Bonds

Chapter 7 US Treasury Bills

Chapter 8 Currency Diversification

Chapter 9 Banks in Other Countries

Chapter 10 Putting It All Together

First off, anybody counting on income from so-called “safe” investments like CDs or savings accounts was caught totally off guard.

CDs yielding 6 and 7% were called in by the banks and replaced with 2% CDs.

An instant income cut of 66%. Six years later, a 1-year CD pays 0.7%, and a 5-year CD pays just 1.3%. That and Social Security don’t come close to paying the monthly bills for most folks!

Second, the markets took a $10 trillion haircut, beginning with the Lehman Bros. collapse in September 2008.

Anyone invested in equities saw their portfolios plunge, some by as much as 50%!

Six years later, an average investor with a loss of 50% needed to double his money just to claw his way back to even.

Yes, looking back over the past 6 years, it’s sure been a rough roller-coaster ride in the financial markets. Especially for risk-averse investors.

But here's the key point to my story: I realized back then that millions of investors across America had no one speaking up for them, no one in their corner.

The financial industry had virtually written them off. That's when I resolved to do something about it. I put my retirement on hold and began my second career.

I knew there had to be a better way, and I set out to find it.

A better way for seniors to manage their retirement assets — safely, with less risk.

The practicality of the advice! Mr. Miller explains the market so that we 'average' people understand the reasoning for buying, selling, or just waiting for an opportunity.”
 Ken M.

I am recently retired, with a modest nest egg. I want to manage my IRA myself … and need expert advice to get me started and on the right track. MMF is fantastic for me … I have confidence in their research and following their recommendations has eased my fears in investing in today's market. Thanks!”
 Ed H., NY

I appreciate the investment pyramid concept and risk/segment characterization on the monthly investment recommendations. This has really helped ground my investment planning.”
 Juan G.

Dennis’ story resonates with me and many of my friends. We’re going through the same hell he describes.”
 J.P., Vancouver, BC

A better way to build a nest egg that will last, with enough income to support a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

My search for the perfect investment strategy for older investors led me to the best group of analysts, researchers, and investment experts I could ever hope to find.

Casey Research. One of the most respected private advisory companies in the financial industry. A company founded by Doug Casey, the distinguished author, professional investor, publisher, independent thinker, and all-around brilliant guy.

Doug assembled a first-rate team that sits at the very top of the investment advisory pyramid. Renowned for their global expertise, in-depth research, and unparalleled investment guidance.

And together, we set about creating a new advisory newsletter to meet the needs of retired and soon-to-be retired investors — as well as investors seeking safety and higher yield.

It's called Miller's Money Forever.

Over the past 18 months, we've built a well-diversified portfolio designed to withstand whatever the economy, the markets, the government, Wall Street, or the Fed decide to throw at other senior investors and me! We call it the Bulletproof Income portfolio.

The portfolio is filled with solid, profitable investments like these:

  • A large-cap consumer-goods company (you have its products in your pantry) that's gained 27% in price over the past 18 months, while yielding a handsome 3.1%.
  • A floating-rate trust, yielding a mouth-watering 7.9%.
  • A low-risk, enhanced short-term bond fund that yields 70x more than a cash account paying 0.4% at your local bank.

Folks, you don't need to reinvent the wheel or go it on your own as you look to rebuild your retirement nest egg and boost your investment income. The Casey team and I will guide you every step of the way.

The Ball Game Has Changed

It’s important to understand that we’re in a whole new ball game — and you must adjust your investment strategy accordingly. Because one misstep can cost the unprepared investor serious damage.

Please don’t make the mistake today of investing in risky equities or longer-term bonds in a desperate effort to recapture some of the income and principal you lost when the Double Whammy hit.

If you’re wondering just what will outperform the market in 2014 and beyond — we’ve got the solution for you.

The Bulletproof Income Strategy

Our Bulletproof Income strategy combines a conservative investment philosophy and a portfolio of carefully selected investments that my Casey Research team and I consider to be the best, safest, and most balanced for today's climate.

In simple terms, a portfolio that will hold up better and recover faster during big market corrections. Appreciation and high yield with less risk. That’s the strategy that will protect your assets in any market environment.

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Conservative Income Investors

More on this in a moment. But first, I want to show you just why I am so concerned that 2014 may well be a replay of 2008, or even worse.

It should be obvious to every intelligent, independent-thinking person that things aren’t looking too good for the economy or the markets. And that’s an understatement.

"Dennis, you’re doing a wonderful service in providing us folks at or near retirement with a better understanding not only on what to invest in, but how to invest in these troubled times."
 Alex N.

Despite what the media pundits and the government would have us think!

It’s more than worrisome. I'm damn concerned that my friends may fall into the same trap they did in 2007-2008.

That’s why I feel such a sense of urgency to get my message out to older investors like me, who don’t have time for yet another financial do-over, when the next crisis strikes.

The Cracks in the Economy
Have Been Papered Over With
$4 Trillion in Dollar Bills

You see, the serious problems that caused the recession and financial collapse back in 2008 haven’t been solved. The cracks in the economy have just been papered over — with $4 trillion in dollar bills rolling off the Fed’s printing presses, running around the clock.

You already know this. The Fed began nonstop money printing with its cycle of QE1, 2, 3, and 4, in order to keep the banks afloat. In addition, the Fed has held interest rates near zero — thus allowing the government to enjoy rock-bottom costs for financing the huge federal deficit.

While at the same time, seniors and savers get a measly fraction of a 1% rate on their money market accounts, losing money every year because the inflation rate is much higher than 1%, when they should be earning at least 5% on their money market accounts or CDs.

All this monetary stimulus has not yet led to serious inflation, as many have predicted. That’s still in our future. But it has led to something worse. And sadly, it goes unreported in the mass media.

I know you’ve seen the results firsthand in your own life. A war on the saver, a war on those who’ve toiled for years to build up retirement nest eggs.

Seniors and savers have been forced to invest in the stock market — putting their savings into misunderstood, risky investments in order to boost their returns.

What’s more, the current bull market isn't based on sound economic fundamentals. On the contrary, the stock market has become a speculative asset bubble, pumped up by all the funny, fiat money.

Pumped up as well by the mainstream financial media… urging average American investors, seniors, and savers like you and me, the folks with the most to lose… to jump on board and buy NOW, even at record market highs.

It really worries me. This can only end in tragedy for those who have already lost the most, in the 2008 crash.

The Bubble Will Burst

P/E multiples will come down. Stock prices will fall. The false prosperity trumpeted in the headlines will unwind.

Because the stimulus continues to mask much deeper, structural problems in the economy. Stagnant employment numbers, with millions abandoning their search for jobs. Untenable debt loads.

Yes, the cracks are spreading and growing deeper, like fissures around the San Andreas Fault before the big one hits.

Ticking Time Bombs Taking Center Stage

  • Total US debt exceeds $17 trillion. It will never be paid off. Period.
  • Yields for savers and income investors remain at all-time lows, while everyday prices continue to rise.
  • The Fed has created a speculative stock market bubble every bit as big as the 2008 bubble just before it exploded.
  • Incomes have averaged a puny 1% increase in recent years.
  • The US dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency is under threat from China and elsewhere.
  • Dysfunctional government in D.C., with policy makers who don’t know the meaning of integrity. They are unwilling or unable to fix the problems.
  • Geopolitical risks around the globe, with violent outbreaks in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina, Thailand, Egypt… spreading like a stack of falling dominos.

My list is by no means complete. Still, we really need to consider the potential impact of some of these global developments on the local level, in the towns where you and I live.

On the Street Where You Live …

Just imagine daily life in your community when:

  • Your life savings get wiped out in the mother of all market crashes.
  • Inflation climbs into double digits.
  • War in the Middle East causes oil prices to shoot toward $200 — and the cost to fill your gas tank exceeds your monthly food budget.
  • The US dollar is worth pennies. Gold and silver are the only currency worth holding.
  • Your bank accounts are frozen or even worse, confiscated under new federal capital controls.
  • Social unrest spreads to American shores.

You get the picture.

A Sample from

Yours FREE when you subscribe to MILLER'S MONEY FOREVER

"Have you seen your monthly interest-income cash dwindle, but put off dealing with it because you had 'bigger fish to fry' in the rest of your portfolio?"

"If so, it's time to fix the problem. Don't ignore those sad yields on your cash any longer. Today, minimum risk and improved yield are more important than ever. A 1% return instead of a 0.01% return is a hundredfold improvement. That improved yield translates into less need to take high risks elsewhere in your portfolio."

At Miller's Money Forever, we use a five-star system to rate bond funds for relative strength in key areas:

  1. Yield: the annual rate of return on your investment
  2. Protection of Principal: how well-positioned a fund is to avoid losses from bad bonds
  3. Protection from Rising Rates: how well-positioned a fund is to avoid losses when interest rates rise
  4. Liquidity: the ability to get into and out of a fund quickly and without high commissions or bid-ask spreads

See page 31 of The Yield Book for a table rating all your fixed-income options for safety, yield, protection, and liquidity, so you can compare your alternatives.

For sure, there are a lot of What Ifs out there that you need to take into account as you plan for the future.

Believe me, when it comes to my financial security and retirement future, I don’t have time to beat around the bush. And neither do you.

There’s just too much at stake.

And the thing is, you need to take this critical situation even more seriously than most people.

Because you’re in danger of losing everything you have earned, saved and invested.

As I said before,

You Don’t Have Time for a Do-Over
When the Next Financial Collapse Hits

My friend Doug Casey often says… “Just because something is inevitable, doesn’t mean it’s imminent.”

That’s very true. I don’t know exactly when the “inevitable” will collide with the “now”. Nobody does.

But that’s exactly why you need to prepare today, before you’re blind-sided as so many were in 2008. You can protect yourself by picking the right investments. We’ll show you how.

Many of my readers have written me to say how much they appreciate the guidance they receive from Miller's Money Forever.

Your subjects are timely, relevant, pertinent; even endowed with your personal experience (”don’t you dare lose Mother’s money!”), wisdom, and sage advice. I especially love the investment pyramid strategy and the topic on investment newsletters. They’ve given my DIY approach focus. Your newsletter’s my first from Casey Research, though I’ve been an admirer, following them for sometime now. Thanks Dennis, so much! You’re a retirement savings savior!”
 Maria L.M.
Your newsletter is the best and most readable of the ones I have read over the last few years. I like your style of communicating and the fact that the issues you have experienced are similar to mine. Let’s hope we prosper and learn which way to go with your thoughtful approach.”
 Michael P.
You are the one writer that I’ve seen that tackles the issues of the Baby Boomers — who have worked for money and have saved.”
 Charles P.
Your information is a Godsend for people who aren’t Wall Street investment people. Thank You!”
 Diana W.
I love reading your weekly missives. I find them filled with ‘good, old-fashioned advice,' in among the obvious humor and compassion. DO keep up the good work you do.”
 Riana R.
It is refreshing to read about finance that a layman like myself can understand and it actually inspired me to get involved in more critical thinking of my financial future.”
 Brian A.

I really do appreciate hearing from them! It makes my “retirement job” as the advocate for seniors and income investors that much more satisfying… knowing that thousands of older investors are benefiting from the information I’ve shared.

Really, that’s been the whole point, the whole raison d’être behind my monthly premium investment newsletter — Miller’s Money Forever.

For over a year now, I've been sharing valuable information on topics such as:

  • Master limited partnerships yielding 3.4%
  • Business development companies yielding 7.1%
  • Death and taxes
  • How to find the right financial advisor
  • Inflation — the worst tax of all
  • How to find safe yields in an interest rate sensitive world
  • 6 traits of successful retirees
  • And much, much more

Along with the Casey team’s monthly recommendations about the best wealth-generating opportunities — and the safest high-yield investments in the world.

"Your topics and strategies are of particular interest to me, as I try to envision a worry-free retirement."
- Dan

And now it's high time for you to catch up! My Charter Subscribers are way ahead of you!

All the signs point to the fact that time is running very short to get your retirement finances in order. To rebuild your retirement nest egg. To build up a steady stream of income that will make up for the income you’ve lost in recent years.

Since August 2012, when my journey as your advocate began, our Bulletproof Income portfolio has done very well indeed.

Sure, there have been some losses along the way. I don’t know any investor who could boast of a 100% track record… not even Warren Buffett or John Bogle.

Strict Portfolio Discipline

Our strict portfolio discipline requires us to set 20% trailing stop-loss limits for every purchase. So we can keep losses to a minimum. That’s because we don’t invest more than 5% per position. The maximum loss can’t exceed 1% in any one investment.

My role on the Casey team is to define the philosophy, the objectives, and the strategy behind a low-risk, high-yield portfolio designed to meet the needs of retirees, soon-to-be retirees, savers, and income investors.

Of course, all credit and kudos must go to the brilliant Casey Research team, headed by Senior Analyst Andrey Dashkov. They do all the heavy lifting for you and me, with their rigorous research and analysis — and canny investment selections.

The mandate I gave them was specific. Find safe, low-risk and high-yield investments with appreciation potential. No matter where in the world they are.

A Short Rundown on a Few of Our Portfolio Successes

  • We bought and still hold an integrated domestic oil and natural-gas company, which has generated gains of 60% since purchase. In addition, we’ve recently sold some covered call options on the stock for a quick, 30-day profit of 0.9% (9.9% annualized) — as a safe, low-risk way to boost the return, over and above the stock’s 1.3% dividend payout.
  • We’ve made a 30% profit on another large US consumer goods company that yields 4.4%.
  • We have a 27% profit on a large pharmaceutical and healthcare company with a 4.4% yield. This company is still rated a Buy.
  • We’ve recently purchased our favorite, tax-advantaged MLP in the energy sector that yields 3.4 %.
  • In November, we added a business development company that yields a generous 7.1%.
  • Our subscribers have learned all about precious metals and the role they should play in every retiree’s portfolio. How to buy them and which are the soundest investments to include in their core holdings.
  • They’ve learned how to boost their income with certain foreign currency CDs. Nothing magical here. These CDs can be purchased online from one US bank, and they are FDIC insured. Safety plus yield. Why would anyone lock up cash in a US dollar CD or a basic savings account, when they can protect their cash and earn more with these foreign currency CDs?

As we’ve built the Miller’s Money Forever Bulletproof Income portfolio over a period of 18 months, two key principles have guided the decisions of the Casey Research team.

Safety and High Yield

Why? Because we have to invest in the market to stay ahead of inflation and to earn some decent income. So we darn well want to minimize risk along the way.

Miller’s Principles of Investing Success —
A Real World Approach to Investing

Take control of your finances. Delegate responsibility when necessary, but never abdicate your responsibility to look after your own money. No one else will care about it as much as you do.
Safety and high yield must govern every investment decision.
Preserve capital and avoid catastrophic losses by minimizing risk and maintaining sizable cash reserves.
Generate steady income. Every investment must provide a reliable stream of dividends or interest… with a history of regular payout increases.
Protect principal from inflation and economic downturns by identifying investments where the potential growth outweighs potential interest rate sensitivity. (e.g., avoid longer-term bonds, utility stocks, and similar interest-rate-sensitive investments during periods of rising interest rates. They are not “safe havens” any more.).
Diversify your portfolio across industry sectors, across different asset classes, and internationally.
Look for opportunity and yield where no one else is looking. Don’t follow the crowd. The crowd is always late to sell and late to buy. This is where the global expertise of Casey Research really pays off.
Every investment should be easily reversible if need arises.
Never invest more than 5% in any one investment.
Set 20% trailing stop loss limits on every stock purchase so there cannot be a loss greater than 1% on any one investment.


I’ll bet these principles make sense to you… if you’re a senior, saver, or conservative income investor like my subscribers and me.

So don’t you think it’s high time you joined my Charter Members in learning how to invest wisely, reduce investment risk, and protect your principal?

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You’ll gain knowledge and investment skills so you can feel confident in making your own investment decisions — and have a more productive relationship with your financial advisor, if you have one.

You’ll see for yourself how a new way of thinking about retirement investing can make a difference to your financial future. You’ll learn how to seriously boost your retirement income… while taking advantage of the wealth-generating opportunities we share with you each month.

And most important of all, your nest egg will be protected in the face of financial chaos.

I’d say you really can’t put a price on the total value of all your membership benefits! And that’s coming from a guy known for counting his pennies!

As your advocate, I’m in partnership with you. I’m one of you.

I Sit on Your Side of the Table

I came to Casey Research looking for answers because my own research had proven to me that they had the strongest team of analysts, with a global perspective. Together we set out to create a one-of-a-kind advisory newsletter focusing on the needs of older, conservative investors.

"Thank you for being an advocate for ‘the rest of us’!"
- Ben A.

So today, I invest alongside you, when my Casey team comes up with an investment recommendation. But let me assure you, I invest only after the requisite Casey waiting period has elapsed. You folks get to buy before I do.

In closing, I’d like to add one more key point. When I began this journey as the advocate for seniors, savers, and income investors, I knew that I wanted to create a Bulletproof Income portfolio that would perform as I expect it to.

And my subscribers have told me the same thing.

A Portfolio Easy to Manage
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They wanted a portfolio they’d feel comfortable managing in their older years. Nothing overly risky, or volatile. A portfolio they could manage in just minutes each week.

A portfolio that would allow them to sleep well at night, no matter what’s going on in the markets.

I suspect you feel the same way.

Plus, you’ll find the guidance in Miller’s Money Forever simple to understand and to implement. You’ll find it easy to maintain your own portfolio, in line with your investment goals.

You’ll achieve solid, consistent results, along with a handsome income stream to supplement your Social Security and other sources of income.

Isn’t that what you want for yourself?

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In closing, I’d like to share my definition of a successful retirement.

  • Financial independence. Having enough money to choose how I spend my time and to remain totally independent. Without having to rely on family or government for support or handouts.
  • Good health and a close family.

I can help you with the money end of things. However, #2 is up to you … and good genes, lots of luck and love.

Wishing you money forever,
Signed Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller
Editor, Miller’s Money Forever

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