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Just a few years ago, investing for retirement wasn’t all that difficult. You could buy some blue-chip stocks or good mutual funds, a few Treasury bonds and CDs, hold them for years, and be confident that your money would be safe and continually grow.

Those days are gone, and they’re not likely to return any time soon.

Today, the return on Treasury bonds doesn’t even keep up with inflation. CDs are even worse. And the stock market volatility we face today requires deep research and constant vigilance to avoid losing your shirt.

Retirement Reboot author Dennis Miller had recently retired in 2008 when the bottom fell out of the economy – and his retirement income collapsed.

He needed to take control of his finances and create a plan that would return his income to its former levels, while protecting his principal from another catastrophic market crash. After three years of working with some of the top investment minds in the country and developing an entirely new way to invest in retirement, he shares everything he learned in Retirement Reboot.

Retirement Reboot shows you an entirely new investing strategy—a plan that lets you:

  • take complete control of your finances
  • generate steady income
  • preserve capital
  • protect your principal from inflation and economic downturns.

It’s a plan that works for all investors—no matter if you’re starting with a lot or a little money. You’ll discover:

  • What economic surprises might lie around the corner
  • Which investments you should dump immediately
  • If real estate is a good idea again
  • What kinds of brokers you should drop like a hot rock
  • Which investments will help you thrive in the face of inflation
  • How to balance your retirement portfolio for safety, growth, and even a little speculation.

Retirement Reboot is a must-read if you’re concerned about having enough income for the rest of your life and if you’re not sure how to prepare for any economic curve ball coming your way.

Take control of your retirement finances now by starting with Retirement Reboot, available instantly in convenient e-book format. You’ll receive the book today… no waiting for delivery. You’ll also receive 3 months of Miller’s Money Forever free with your purchase.

For just $9.95, you will get this important book, access to the Money Forever model portfolio—which currently includes more than a dozen solid income-producing investments specifically chosen for those in or near retirement—and a number of valuable special reports designed to make you money.