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Did 2008 Tear a Hole in Your Savings?
You're not alone. As hard as it is to believe, I've discovered
a secret to getting every penny back, and a lot more besides...

"I Was MAD as
Spit on a Griddle!"

Without discussion or notice, my bank slashed my investment income by over 50%.
All my years of working hard, paying taxes, and saving for the day I could finally quit working went right down the drain.

Washington and Wall Street screwed me, YOU, and just about every one of us with a dollar to our name!

In the fall of 2008, I was an alley cat's whisker away from losing the retirement I'd saved for my whole life.

I scraped through. But some of my friends weren't so lucky...

   Dennis Miller,
   Editor, Money Forever

They were people like you - professionals, managers, small-business owners - normal hard-working Americans, many were retired already, others were saving and looking forward to the day they'd be playing golf, visiting the grandkids, and enjoying their golden years... just about now.

They sure as heck never thought they would lose almost everything they had ever worked for. Not now. Not in America.

So they weren't prepared. And in the blink of an eye, the crisis of 2008 destroyed what was theirs by right: a secure retirement free from worry that their money would last as long as they did.

So today, they shop at the economy stores and choose buffet over à la carte. They don't travel as much. After years of careful saving, they're afraid that their money won't last. It's heartbreaking!

Could you end up like that?

The crushing realization that there could be a lot less money left to retire on than you thought... relying on state benefits, dipping into your principal, and nervously chipping away at your rainy-day money?

It seems clear that the folks in Washington are lying when they tell us things are improving, and the mainstream media are too blind to see it. Or maybe they're in on the BS because it serves their own agenda.

But you know. As we all know in our gut. We're terrified about losing every damn penny we've ever managed to save if they don't fix this mess.

And you know what? We do have something to worry about.

Because another crash is coming.

We can't say exactly when, but the things they needed to do to fix the problem that caused 2008 haven't been taken care of. In fact, as you'll see in a moment, we're far worse off now than back then.

This time, however, even if you have prepared for your future – but in traditional ways – your money could still be completely wiped out.

This isn't happening to "somebody else"; it's happening right now to people you know. Most are simply not ready for it.

Our whole lifestyle, our plans for the future are at risk.

But they don't have to be.

"What I Discovered Makes Me
MORE Optimistic Now Than I Was Before the Crash of '08"

Sure, I took a hit in 2008; who didn't? But I've completely turned things around on my finances. And while getting back on my feet, I learned a few things that Wall Street has been keeping to itself for far too long.

"You might be a seasoned investor or new to the whole thing: it doesn't matter. You can use what I've discovered to grow your capital or simply collect income to live off when you finally give up work."

I worked out where the money hides in tough times like these. I know where growth is happening, no matter what the US markets are doing. Today I'd like to share with you what I've found.

For example, I swapped poorly performing CDs with near-zero interest rates for investments that brought profits of +156.87%, +50.86%, and +83.63%.

And this is important:

These were safe stocks in sectors not affected by market volatility. They perform well, whatever the general economy is doing. As you'll see in a moment, that is going to be critical when the next crash comes.

Based on what I learned since 2008, I've written a book (actually, it's more like a blueprint) - not just for surviving the next wave of this crisis, but actually making money from it. Maybe even a lot of money.

I'd like to send it to you today, so you can see for yourself how it can get your savings and retirement funds back on track too.

It works whether you're retired right now (like me) or hoping to do so in the coming years.

You might be a seasoned investor or new to the whole thing: it doesn't matter. You can use it to grow your capital or simply collect income to live off when you finally give up work.

I'll tell you more shortly.

But First, We Have to Understand
Where (and How) This All Started....

My name is Dennis Miller. I'm now 72 years old and live with my wife Jo in Florida.

I'm a retired management consultant and a grandfather of six.

I was 68 in 2008, but it wouldn't have mattered if I was 48, 98, or 108 – it was no age to wake up and find that my banks, with the full agreement of the federal government, had pulled the rug out from underneath my retirement savings.

"I spent 50 years working my butt off to save enough to retire in comfort. I forked over my taxes without complaint and dutifully paid into Social Security every year of my working life. I held up my end of the bargain and trusted the government to do right by me when the time came."

When I quit work, I invested safely in low-risk CDs to capture 6% or 7% interest every year. Not a fortune, but it gave my wife Jo and me enough to live comfortably.

I'd planned our finances carefully. We lived a reasonable lifestyle and did the right thing by my family. We saved hard for our retirement. We did not want to be a burden on anyone – government or family. We took responsibility.

But it wasn't enough.

In the fall of 2008, as the Lehman story broke, Wall Street went into a tailspin, and the whole financial house of cards came tumbling down.

We all knew Wall Street was in total chaos. It was in every newspaper, on every TV channel.

The figures – billions and trillions – were so large that ordinary folk could barely wrap their heads around them.

In any case, I figured the problem was theirs, not mine.

Yet, starting on October 3, 2008, the banks and Washington changed the rules of the game. Suddenly it became my problem and yours... when our retirement plans hit the wall!

What happened that day sets the scene for wave after wave of tax hikes, food price increases, gas pump, and healthcare robbery that is just getting started.

The president signed the Troubled Asset Relief Program – TARP – and handed over $700 billion of our tax dollars to bail out incompetent banks on the verge of meltdown.

Hold Your Horses... They Screwed Up, Not Us!

As the banks shoveled buckets of free cash into their coffers, over the coming days, every time I logged in to my brokerage account, the banks had recalled more and more of my CDs and were giving my cash back rather than paying interest on it!

What the heck was happening?

"How could I tell my wife that all those plans we'd made for our golden years were slipping away...?"

It seemed like the deal we'd made no longer suited them. So a bunch of heartless, greedy bankers who couldn't care less about me, you, or millions of other hard-working Americans simply canceled the contract and deposited the money back into my account.

Sure, they offered to sell me a new CD... but with yields of a fraction of the ones they'd just canceled.

In other words, they were telling me I had no choice but take an income drop of over 50%!

Instead of a dollar to spend on food or bills, I would have 50 cents or less.

What the hell was I supposed to do?

My wife Jo saw the worry; she knew something was wrong. I explained to her what was happening – that our CDs were being called in left and right.

What I struggled with was trying to figure out just what it all would mean.

How could I tell her that all those plans we'd made for our golden years, laughing at the "senior moments" we could expect…

How we'd travel the length and breadth of America in a new luxury car, if we could just remember where we left the keys...

How we'd have such fun with the grandkids but happily hand them back the second they started crying...

And how, when the time came, we'd be able to pass what money was left to them and to say to our kids and our grandkids, "Thank you, we are so proud of you, we shall always love you, and here is our gift to you,"...

... that all those plans were slipping away.

Suddenly, I realized that if things didn't improve, there would be no touring the country, no time for the grandkids, and nothing left but memories when we were gone.

And you could tell me all day long this wasn't my fault. That Washington let us down, that we should blame the banks. It made no difference. Looking after our money was my responsibility. Jo trusted me, and I felt like I had really let her down.

But you know, it's a damn good question... where was the federal government when the banks were making such a mess?

I mean, wasn't the whole idea of TARP to refinance the banks so they could begin lending again? To get small businesses up and running? To kick-start savings? To rebuild our economy?

Well, the opposite happened.

Take the recent report from the Wall Street Journal on how these banks are still abusing our tax dollars – using the TARP payments to right their own wrongs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the TARP cash – billions of dollars earmarked to jump-start the economy – was instead used to pay off the banks' own debts!

The banks have been playing these games since the TARP payments started. Despite the fact that this is public knowledge to anyone who chooses to look, the banks don't care; they do it anyway.

Banks like Heartland Financial, Western Alliance, and TowneBank (see chart) used nearly every penny to pay off subprime mortgage debt they had piled up by giving "liars' loans" to deadbeats.

The banks made it easy for them to buy houses they could never afford, just so the mortgage brokers could line their pockets with commissions they didn't deserve.

What a joke!

And do you know the punch line?

The money didn't end up back in the economy. The banks did exactly nothing to turn things around.

So the dollar went down. Prices for everything from bread to gasoline went up. And interest rates – which should have gone up to attract foreign investors and give Americans a reason to save – came to a screeching halt.

Thanks to their greed, our economy is still struggling, four years later.

But Here's Our New Problem...

Debt was the fuse to the time bomb back in 2008. Reducing it was the key to turning things around.

Yet, here we are in 2012, and our national debt has risen by almost 50%.

It was $10.7 trillion in 2008. It's $15 trillion now and rising by $4 billion a day!

Regardless of whether you are a liberal, a conservative, or anywhere in between, where do you think we're heading?

"Seems like we've been left holding a BIGGER BOMB but with a SHORTER FUSE and LESS TIME to prepare for the explosion."

Of course, some folks like to believe they can sit back and trust the politicians to sort things out.

But they can't. It's all gone too far.

The Real Reason You Can't Hold Out for Help
from Washington

There is supposed to be $2.6 trillion in the Social Security trust to fund our retirement. Trouble is, Washington "borrowed" all that money over the past 30 years to pay other bills.

"You need to take control, and do it while time is on your side.

Otherwise, what will you do when the money runs out?"

Remember the hoopla over the debt ceiling? They told us that if they couldn't reach a deal in the eleventh hour, the checks wouldn't go out and government would come to a halt.

How does that make sense? If there was truly $2.6 trillion in the Social Security trust fund, there should be no problem with paying the bills, right?

Aren't you furious too? They took our money at the front end with the promise of looking after us later in life... except bit by bit, without discussion, they spent our money!

Also, CNN recently reported that when you pile the interest on our national debt on top of Social Security and Medicare payments, it will suck up 92 cents of every dollar of revenue within the next seven years.

"That will leave 8 measly cents to share between the military, police, and millions of government employees... not to mention the hundreds of different departments and federal offices!"

Something has to give. But they won't stop spending on the military or paying themselves – no way!

So when Washington is looking for more cuts and more taxes, you can be sure that our savings are the #1 target.

Here's something else you can't ignore – Washington tells us that inflation is officially 2.3%.

The trouble is, since 1980 they have calculated the rising cost of living without including the price of food or fuel!

The government uses a core inflation rate that measures inflation without food and energy prices.

So, if you don't put gas in your tank or food on the table, then you might be persuaded that your cost of living went up by just 2.3% last year, the red line on the chart below.

But if you do both of those things, then looking at the complete inflation index instead – the one with food and fuel included – you'll see you're being suckered and lied to.

Because, according to renowned economist John Williams, when you add in fuel and food, we're already over 10%! That's the blue line on the chart.

Let me tell you, no one I know with "regular" savings and investments is getting anything like 10% after taxes on CDs, bond savings, or anything similar.

We have to face the facts. The normal, safe places to invest just don't work anymore.

In 2008, the stock market tanked, and so did the interest rates on CDs and bonds. The old, safe places have disappeared; nothing feels safe anymore.

"Falling income, rising prices, a collapsing dollar, and no letup in sight... It's enough to make us all feel like a piñata – hung up high and battered with sticks from all sides!"

"But despite Washington and the banks, despite the doom-and-gloom media, and despite the shameful results brokers and investment funds are getting… there's still plenty of money to be made, if you know where to look."

At the end of the day, fancy charts can show all they want, but when I get mugged every time I fill up my gas tank, when the price of a loaf of bread used to be $2 and now costs $4... that's all the evidence I need that we're in trouble.

What about you? Are you afraid that if this all carries on, somewhere down the line you could be the one looking for a job when you should be retired... or forced to trade your car for something smaller? Less travel and fewer nights out… nothing left for the grandkids?

Don't you wish that instead of holding your savings in almost-zero-interest savings accounts, you were "in the know" when an investment opportunity comes along that could add hugely to your retirement funds?

Opportunities like Silver Wheaton. When I came across that investment, it took me just minutes to set up, yet it gave me +366.54% in 22 months!

Not just Wheaton. Cheniere Energy brought in 110.9% in 22 months.

And Perth Mint certificates.... in three years silver is up 156.87%, platinum 50.86%, and gold 83.63%.

You see, despite Washington and the banks, despite the doom-and-gloom media, and despite the shameful results brokers and investment funds are getting… there's still plenty of money to be made, if you know where to look.

So how can you get your share?

Okay, Let's Get to
Rebooting and Rebuilding
Your Retirement Funds

Once the dust had settled on the crash of '08, I knew I needed to act fast.

I recognized that I had three main goals:

"I was beginning to think that despite the heartache and worry, the banks pulling my CDs was actually the best thing that could have happened to me.

"I was taking control and making far more money than I would have by leaving it to the banks or my broker."
  1. I wanted to make enough interest on my savings to live comfortably and still have enough to leave to my heirs when the time eventually comes.
  2. I needed to preserve my principal, the money I've saved up until now.
  3. I needed a way of investing that is easy to understand, so that if my wife Jo lives longer than I do, she can easily take over managing our money.


Straightforward enough goals. But they honestly seemed pretty daunting to me.

To give myself the best chance of success, I spoke at length to some of America's most successful investment-newsletter publishers.

I asked for guidance and explanation. Also, I occasionally offered suggestions on how they might go about delivering their message to ordinary savers in a language we could understand and actually do something with.

Much to my surprise, one or two gave their time freely.

One of the most genuine and forthright people I exchanged emails with was David Galland.

Mr. Galland is the managing director of Casey Research, an investment-newsletter publisher with subscribers in 150 countries.

He is a popular financial-newsletter editor, served as executive vice president for EverBank, and is a founding partner of Blanchard Group of Mutual Funds. More importantly, he is a gentleman too.

He proved to me time and again that he has one of the sharpest minds in the investment business. He took the time to explain what I needed to know, until everything began to fall into place.

Using his knowledge and that of the Casey Research team, I'd just closed on a nice 82.4% gain in 3.5 months on a little-known investment in a company called PMI Gold.

With relief, I watched my savings account start to fill up again.

I was beginning to think that despite the heartache and worry, the banks pulling my CDs was actually the best thing that could have happened to me.

I was taking control and making far more money than I would have by leaving it to the banks or my broker.

One morning, David said to me:

"Dennis, I've been thinking. You understand the challenges savers, investors, and retirees have faced since 2008. You've learned what needs to be done urgently to fix the problem.

"Why not talk to people just like you who are worried about their investments too? Explain how you've made it through. Tell your story.

"Show people how they can be as successful at rebuilding their portfolio as you were.

"How about it?"

He offered to support me with full access to his network of dozens of analysts around the world to help me find opportunities that create safe growth from low-risk investments.

It made so much sense.

Who better to show you how to get your finances back on track than someone who has been there, who saw his retirement fund collapse by fifty percent, yet worked out a way to get back to where he started and then whistle past that milestone to vastly outperform any investment strategy the "professionals" could come up with?

I agreed... and here it is:

Dennis Miller's
Money Forever

A monthly newsletter drawing on real-life experiences of rebuilding my retirement finances.

It's for you if you've managed, despite the odds, to save some money for your future, and want above all to protect and grow what you worked so hard for.

I'm no guru, no gifted trader. I learned how to rebuild my retirement funds the hard way, dollar by dollar.

But all my hard work means
YOU get to do it the easy way.

Because what I've learned can work for anyone.

Money Forever proves that there's nothing complicated in rebuilding your finances and seeing results quickly – you just need a guiding hand.

You know, back in 2008, when I started to read everything I could on investing and money management, I realized that most other newsletters don't explain investment opportunities in normal, everyday language.

Complicated writing means taking action becomes more difficult. Working out what all the charts and numbers mean can take time, and that could mean lost opportunities.

So that's precisely why I set out to make Money Forever unique.

Its simplicity means you'll refer to it again and again to rebuild your retirement income, and grow it faster than you ever thought possible.

"... At 6%, that's over three times what normal CDs are offering!"
  • Money Forever is different because it allows for people with investing experience but doesn't assume it.
  • It's for you if you know your way around the investing landscape but can see the benefit of having the key research taken care of.
  • It's for you too, if you are simply too busy to study detailed economics, investing, and trading.
  • It assumes no prior knowledge in analysis or research. You get the full rundown on where the big investment profits hide when an economy is in chaos, so you can act quickly.
  • It takes care of the research critical to every successful investor, saving you hours every week.

Miller's Money Forever Shows You How to Get
Your Finances Back on Track in Ways You May Not
Have Even Heard of Yet.

I discovered that there are a lot of things "ordinary" brokers and investment managers won't tell you – because mostly, they don't even know.

They're too couched in the investment world pre-2008 – stuck in the mud – which means they and their clients are doomed to failure in a new economic reality that demands new investing ideas.

For example, few brokers in the US are aware that instead of the less than useless CD rates on offer, there is a safe bond you could invest in today that offers you as much as 6%.

I'm comfortably invested in this bond. It is very safe and easy to set up.

At 6%, that's over three times what normal CDs are offering!

It gets better: I've also recently discovered nine savings bonds paying anything from just under 4% to over 5%.

"These are life-changing discoveries. They put you back in positive territory. They help you sleep at night."

Of course, things move so rapidly where money is concerned. What works today may not work or might even become obsolete tomorrow. You need a guide to take you through those changes... to keep you protected.

So every month, my newsletter identifies exactly what challenges you face right now and gives you the information you need to respond quickly.

This is important. You are not just relying on my experiences, my successes:

Every Issue Is Backed by Financial Researchers
from One of the Most Successful Investing Teams in the US.

"Strangely, this strategy for the new economy calls on the experience of engineers from thousands of years ago…"

For over 30 years, David Galland's team at Casey Research have been coming up with winners from a range of market sectors time and again.

This is our secret weapon. We work directly with the Casey team to bring readers of Money Forever equally impressive gains.

Here are just a few examples of what they are achieving right now for their readers:

  • 33% from one of North America's largest energy-infrastructure companies. Energy is not affected by worldwide economic woes, so it makes sense to keep a part of your portfolio in successful, growing energy companies like this.
  • 134% from a sector-leading gold trust. Precious metals are an important part of any diverse portfolio. Casey readers have been enjoying a profitable ride with this exceptional investment; and from today on, you'll hear about opportunities just like this one too!
  • 11% by diversifying out of the US dollar and into this safe foreign-currency investment. A weakening dollar means opportunities elsewhere. We scour the world for the best currency deals and report them directly to you.
  • 21% from this market-dominating online retailer. While Main Street suffers, online retailers – with lower overheads and less inventory – are continually gaining ground. Just the kind of company we watch closely and report straight to you, so you can be right there for the big gains as they happen.

At Money Forever, we – just like the guys at Casey Research – don't stick to any one sector or part of a sector. We are looking for safe growth investments wherever they may be and bring them to you so you can profit too.

Like these:

  • MEDICAL: 47% from a market leader in medical-device manufacturing. Innovative and forward thinking, this company has given Casey subscribers a profit of almost 50% (so far).
  • PRECIOUS METALS: 71% from one of the industry's largest silver "royalty" companies. As gold moves, so does silver.

With Money Forever on your side, you'll be right there when the big moves happen in the companies that benefit every time silver becomes an attractive buy.

Oh, I'm not just talking about silver mines. We research the suppliers, the royalty companies, and any other service company that benefits from silver's growth.

We delve much, much deeper than other newsletters to bring you opportunities you won't hear about anywhere else.

We go where the money is – and take you with us.

*Figures as of May 2012

A New Approach to Money Management
for the Challenges of America's New Economy

Strangely, this strategy for the new economy calls on the experience of engineers from thousands of years ago.

"From today on, you can trump inflation and lock in market-beating yields with a diversified, solid, and most importantly, safe portfolio strategy."

There is no manmade structure that has lasted as long as the Great Pyramids.

Each precision-crafted block strengthens the whole structure. Each block enables the one above it to support the next... and so on.

This distribution of weight allowed early civilizations to create structures that still stand thousands of years later.

Similarly, Money Forever gives you an innovative, robust way to add, block by block, vital safety and balance to your investment portfolio.

You will stabilize and protect everything you've worked for all your life, while at the same time it ensures you don't miss golden opportunities for growth as they come along.

Take our precious metals plays:

Silver +156.87%; platinum +50.86%; gold +83.63; and another form of silver gave me +139.9%.

Of course, not all investments make these kinds of returns. And some, I'm sure, will go against us. But we'll be on top of it and know when it's time to pull out and move on.

Miller's Money Forever Is for You... If

  • …You didn't see the curveball in the fall of '08 coming, but you're damn straight going to be ready for the next one; you just need to know what to look for.
  • …Your portfolio took a beating and hasn't quite made it back, so you need to reboot and rebuild the whole thing, and fast.
  • …You want to see how a "normal guy" with no trading experience or Washington insider contacts has worked out how to actually make money out of this ongoing crisis, and copy exactly what he is doing.
  • …You'd like some help protecting the money you have now. And heck, with some careful planning, you'll even have some fun making a lot more.
  • …You know you can't stop Washington's screw-ups, but you're perfectly happy making a lot of money from their stupidity.

It's for you if a CD giving you 2%
(or less) simply isn't enough.

"The World is Changing So Darn Quickly,
We Need a New Kind of Money Knowledge."

Miller's Money Forever is about you.

Each newsletter is packed with research by David Galland's team at Casey Research – absolute experts on the economy and investment markets, retirement, and the best way to handle your retirement funds.

  • You'll discover the best ways to leave your money to the kids... not to the IRS.
  • You'll get an extensive list of investment opportunities and will easily pinpoint the ones that are best for your portfolio.
  • You'll learn from renowned industry experts around the world – people with experience in the sectors and businesses we are analyzing, to be sure you have the full picture.
  • You'll meet the teams running the companies we discuss, learn their history, and discover where they plan to take the company. Armed with knowledge, you can make knowledgeable decisions.
  • You'll see short, sharp, yet highly accurate analysis of a company's chances for growth and investor gains. Then and only then should you decide to add it to your portfolio.
  • You'll get invaluable help with all – not just some – of the ins and outs of managing your investments savings and retirement funds in an economy that's cracking at the seams.

    With Miller's Money Forever, you are getting the same professional research team that subscribers to these professional-level newsletters enjoy (and pay a small fortune for), but focused on your unique needs, your investments, and your savings or retirement fund.

So, how much is all this research, analysis, and recommendation worth to you?

An annual subscription to every publication Casey Research offers would set you back over $10,000 per year – a lot of money, yet thousands of subscribers agree that the fees are well worth it, given the profits of each.

Of course, we don't need to go into the vast number of opportunities and choices these specialist newsletters cover. Miller's Money Forever is written for those of us who want a simple-to-follow plan for financial growth.

  • You get focused, specific investment picks and the reasons why they deserve a place in your portfolio.
  • You'll have a step-by-step guide so you'll know exactly what to do to make money on these investments.
  • You get a safe investing system that anyone, at any age and with any level of experience, from first-time investor to someone with a large portfolio, can follow.
"Cutting corners isn't the answer; your retirement funds are too vital for that. You need to know your researchers and analysts are the best in the business."

All in one monthly newsletter.

I'm sure you'll agree, a life plan for investing success like this doesn't come cheap.

However, cost is important, especially nowadays.

So, David Galland and I were determined that instead of creating a newsletter that is printed on expensive paper and sent by mail, with postage costs passed on to you, we'd do everything we could to make Miller's Money Forever an affordable "go-to" resource you'll enjoy for many years.

Miller's Money Forever Is a
Downloadable Digital Newsletter

An online newsletter means we keep our overheads low and pass those savings directly on to you, with no concession on research or analysis and absolutely no compromise on quality.

Miller's Money Forever gives you everything you need to rebuild your retirement funds.

Shortly, a year's subscription will cost $199.

That's less than $5 a week for access to some of the investment world's sharpest minds.

I'm sure you'll agree, that's more than a fair price for a complete portfolio-building strategy you can start using today.

Sure, it's a GREAT Deal... but let's make it even better!

While everyone else is paying $199…
you pay just $99 for a full year's subscription!

That saves you $100 right off the bat!

Plus, and this is important.

It means that you can order with confidence because if at any time you decide to cancel, you'll get the unused portion of your subscription back.

Of course, my newsletter won't be for everyone. So if you decide for any reason that Money Forever doesn't fit your plans, no problem.

If you decide for any reason that Money Forever isn't for you, simply click to cancel the order within the free trial period and you'll owe nothing. If you cancel any time after that, we'll refund whatever is left of your year's subscription.

Fair enough?

I want to give you more.

Something no-one else can. A head start in getting your funds back on track. Worth $29.00 – Yours Free:

I mentioned my book right at the beginning of this letter. We'll be retailing it at $29 shortly, but to welcome you as a new subscriber and to give you the perfect starting point to start rebuilding your finances I'd like to send it to you, completely free of charge. It's called;

Retirement Reboot:
A Blueprint to Supercharge
Rebuilding Your Savings & Retirement Funds

Retirement Reboot There are things we all need to understand about the new economy, the way things have changed since the first crash, who it affects most, and what can be done about it.

That's what my book Retirement Reboot is all about.

You get a detailed understanding of what went wrong and what to expect when the next big wave – caused by rising national debt, inflation, and Washington's "Spend now, ask questions later" policy – comes crashing down on us.

Retirement Reboot Is Your
Financial "Reset" Button.

It's hard to know who to trust these days, especially when your broker and banker seem to be as baffled as the rest of the financial world about what's going on.

That's when you turn to Retirement Reboot, because it has solutions your advisers can't or won't give you, simply because they wouldn't earn a penny in commissions.

Here's what you'll find in Retirement Reboot:

  • Inflation: You'll discover what hidden lessons the price of a suit in 1912 or a Mustang built in 1964 can tell you about inflation in today's economy. Sure, it's a curious way to see how inflation affects you personally, but amazingly, 100 years later it's still spot on!
  • What investments to drop immediately when inflation starts to really creep up (just in case it turns into hyperinflation; it really could happen).
  • Safe investing: There's money in mud – is buying land in America (or anywhere else) a good idea? Sure, they're not making any more land. But is that reason enough for you to invest?
  • Beware the "pinstriped highwaymen"; in this part of my book, you'll be exploring why investors rush to gold in times of crisis.

    Sure, you might want to get in on it too. But wait!...

    Could the government confiscate your gold when its pockets are finally empty? Why not – Franklin D. Roosevelt did exactly that in 1933! But with what you're about to discover, you won't get caught if they do it again.
  • You can't get more than 2% on your CDs, right? Wrong! Read this and you could get a whole lot more! Plus, you get full FDIC coverage too. No one with "normal" CDs should miss this.
  • The trick to fighting Washington's nasty secret weapon: It helps them (heck, it might be the only thing they have left to save their careers) – but hurts your savings like hell! Especially if you keep your funds exclusively in dollars and in a US bank account.
  • Run a mile away from self-proclaimed gurus: You know the story. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Read how following a "surefire winner" lost me $45,000. Chances are you'll meet these people too. You'll get details on what to watch out for so you can second-guess their "pie in the sky" schemes before it costs you your hard-earned savings.
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  • If the mafia, drug dealers, and criminal tax dodgers do it, should you do it too? Why Washington and the lapdog media try to make us think moving money offshore is solely for the bad guys. They're wrong.

    I'll admit that I struggled with this at first. You might too. I was mentally wrapped in the American flag, baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. But you'll learn how it is perfectly legal... and very smart.
  • OUCH! We'll talk about a fund manager superstar. For 15 years, he was at the top of his game... until, in 2008, he crashed – along with his clients' money. You'll read what made him go from hero to quite literally zero in the space of a year, so you'll get wise to glossy brochures and slick salesmen.
  • WARNING! – Retirement flat-line ahead – Which should you choose, a fee-based broker, a results-based broker, or none at all? One of them could flatline your retirement, but which one? Get it wrong for your unique circumstances and… it could be game over.
  • Plus… Four ways to make sure you get the types of investments that protect you from inflation. You can bet not one in ten of your friends or family knows this stuff. Pretty soon, it will be second nature to you.


"My friend is a millionaire; the problem is, he started with several million! Not only is his money never coming back, but worse, he was losing up to $100,000 in spending power every 12 months as inflation ate what's left… until he started taking action."

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Today, it's an amazing profit opportunity.

In fact, shares for similar companies in the same sector are three times the price!

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Company values are calculated by how much they earn each year; it's called a price-to-earnings (or P/E) ratio. So a company that has a P/E of 20 is valued at 20 times the amount of money it earns in a year.

The company we discuss in this report sits beside giants like Oasis Petroleum with a P/E of 37, Continental Resources which has reached a P/E of 37, and Enerplus Corporation which is even higher with a P/E of 38.

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The second investment we discuss in Vedran's report is a company that takes advantage of the Arab Spring.

The Middle East turned red-hot with turmoil this past year, and it's not cooling down anytime soon.

Sure, the old dictators have fallen. But new dictators are rising up, and while they fight it out with diplomacy, bullets, or both, these revolutions have left the world's oil supply vulnerable.

Civil war and political confusion means increased risk to most oil businesses. But the one we discuss in detail in our report benefits hugely from precisely that risk.

It is exactly the turmoil spreading across the region, the political confusion, and the risks to supply that give this company its advantage, simply because it stays well clear of the hot zones across the Middle East.

This is critical. It has no Middle East exposure.

In other words, whatever happens next in Libya, Iraq, or Iran… this oil company will continue producing oil. As oil prices go up, it makes more money.

It will profit massively from higher prices if supply from the Middle East is cut off – a very real risk.

Most integrated oil companies have significant exposure in the Middle East, but our hedge against political risk stays clear of the region. It has all the up-side of rising oil prices and none of the regional risk its competitors are dealing with right now.

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As oil becomes more difficult and complex to pull out of the ground, it will be the oil-services companies that find solutions for harder-to-reach oil that come out the big winners.

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